Celcom Broadband

Package Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Fees
With Modem
C-Broadband Pro (Data Only)-RM138 7.2Mbps 2.0Mbps RM138 No
C-Broadband Pro (Data Only + Modem) - RM138 (Free Celcom Modem) 7.2Mbps 2.0Mbps RM138 Yes
C-Broadband Basic (Data Only)-RM98 3.6Mbps 512Kbps RM98 No
C-Broadband Advance (Data Only + Modem) - RM98 (Promo 2010) (Free Celcom Modem) 3.6Mbps 512Kbps RM98 Yes
C-Broadband Basic (Data Only)-RM68 1.5Mbps 512Kbps RM68 No
C-Broadband Basic (Data Only + Modem) - RM68 (Promo 2010) (Free Celcom Modem) 1.5Mbps 512Kbps RM68 Yes
C-Broadband Entry (Data Only)-RM48 700Kbps 384Kbps RM48 No
C-Broadband Entry (Data Only+Modem) - RM48 (Free Celcom Modem) 700Kbps 384Kbps RM48 Yes

  *Terms And Conditions Applied
Foreigner customer needs to collect another RM100 cash as deposit, refundable upon termination.
This service is only available as a postpaid service.
7 day back gurantee is available.
As this broadband service is shared, therefore the service is provided on a best effort basis.
RM150 upfront payment is needed for (Data + Modem) packages, RM100 will be the registration fee; RM50 for advance bill payment.